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1-      (listening for low levels with scripts)

2- (talking dictionary with Arabic)

3-               (pro. video lessons)

4-          (jumbled sentences)

5-            (dictation exercises different browsers)

6-   (sentence structure writing)

7-         (tenses, exercices - grammar)

8-            (readings most with sounds)

9-         (dialogues with sound)

10-            (self-study idioms with answers)

11-             (listening with quizzes and transcripts)

12-          (radio stations in English)

13-        (read and listen)

14-      (how to write - punctuation rules...)

15-               (general English. grammar, listening...)

16-           (sending video emails)

17-            (small stories told by children- videos)

18-              (pictures and spelling)

19-      (pictures vocabulary and sound)

20- (translator, conjugation, dictionary, grammar ...etc.)

21-          (voice emails)

22-        (short films about everything)

23-                  (interactive papers for English learning)

24-                  (dialogues in different topics- listening)

25-            (listening with transcripts)

26-              (listening with transcripts)

27-     (topics – listening and recording your opinion – free register to record)

28- English – listening with activities)

29-                    (tenses & exercises)

30-                     (interactive learning site)

31-                        (MP3 literary books and poems)

32-                     (Listening- short stories with scripts)

33-            (free academic English with videos and skill activities)

34-               (downloadable lessons, lesson plans with various ready-made activities)

35- reading activities, directions)

36-       (general and academic reading topics with comprehension questions)